The New York Times has the cure for Silicon Valley: BUREAUCRACY…

So in the aftermath of the Ellen Pao/Kleiner Perkins case, the New York Times has decided to come to Silicon Valley’s rescue on behalf of all WOMEN (as they are want to do) and explain that the answer to entrenched sexism is BUREAUCRACY, because apparently women perform better in highly BUREAUCRATIC ATMOSPHERES. (I’d LOVE to see the STATS PROVING THAT FACT)…

What I hope/think the article’s author CLAIRE CAIN MILLER means to say is that SILICON VALLEY needs BETTER HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENTS. 

Because a lack of entrenched bureaucracy is the reason all the money is flooding to Silicon Valley. So let’s not destroy the only thriving sector of the economy by BUREAUCRATIZING IT (like such success stories as DETROIT and the state of CALIFORNIA outside SILICON VALLEY) when a few sacrificial bloodlettings of ape-men and a complaint box would suffice to teach everyone a lesson…

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