Now I understand the Left’s desire for “universal rights” and “protected classes”, I endorse them. But I do have an axe to grind against the Left’s stance on Indiana. If you want to threaten (economically or verbally) those who equally threaten the rights of protected minorities or women in the United States — I’m for it.

However, I have a TREMENDOUS PROBLEM when there’s a complete DOUBLE STANDARD when it comes to those same groups being horribly mistreated AROUND THE WORLD. The worst potential outcome in Indiana is a Christian baker refuses to cater a gay marriage. And this gets everyone riled up to the point of apoplexy.

However, around the world:

In Russia: Homosexuality is practically outlawed and gays can’t adopt. Outside of MASHA GESSEN, the LEFT has been pindrop quiet about this.

In Saudi Arabia: Homosexuals and adulterous women are STONED, HUNG, and in some extreme cases (ISIS) are crucified.

ISIS: ‘Nuff said.

In Africa: Girls are abducted EN MASSE, sold into slavery, and subject to mutilation. Michelle Obama could barely be bothered to hold up a PLACARD.

Now my opinion about why the LEFT chooses to ignore these facts. Because they are UNCOMFORTABLE. They are PROTECTED CLASSES going against other PROTECTED CLASSES and this CAN’T HAPPEN IN THEIR WORLD, so they choose to ignore it.

Either that — or it’s outright FEAR of the OTHER that they claim to LOVE. It’s easy to attack Indiana; they’re not going to come and decapitate you and your family, but it’s not going to do much to move everyone closer to the LEFTIST DREAM of UTOPIA and equality for all.

It’s TIM COOK LIBERALISM: We practice and preach where it carries THE LEAST RISK.

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