So in last week’s blog post “Candyland for Cults: Facebook’s new digs“. I discussed the twin rationale behind berserk aesthetic splendor (primarily architectural, but it bleeds into the other arts). It generally signifies one of two things:

1.) The transition state into full-on degeneracy and delirium: The best examples are: the Church during the creeping rise of Monarchism, and Monarchism during the end of feudalism and the rise of Revolutions (France, Russia). The next transition gigantism pop-up occurred directly post WWI with the on-set on literary Modernism (bloated novels, techno-poetic syntax, and the LAST GASP of “great” literature), but also into ARCHITECTURE.

Literary modernism was as much an aesthetic revolution as it was a salvage project to lend new meaning to myths that had previously sustained us (Joyce’s Ulysses with Homer’s Odyssey, Eliot’s Wasteland with The Fisher King myth), and which culminated in the DELIRIUM OF WORLD WAR II. It was almost like the books and buildings saw it coming.

So this type of architecture = cultural/historical trends about to get whacked with the full force of a MUTATION (the entire point of our blog here)

2.) A CULT’S CORONATION ceremony of itself. As it was in Facebook’s new digs. As it is in Scientology’s hub centers. As it was in Speer’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia. The architecture is like a flag on the moon. THIS IS OUR WOLRD NOW. And here’s our 28-mile-complex to prove it.

Today’s example of you too can play psycho-geography comes from: SAUDI ARABIA and it’s new KINGDOM TOWER.

It’s twice the height of New York’s FREEDOM TOWER, which says something karmically I’m sure, and is just the right size and scope to signal a regime entering into the warm slumber of degeneracy, and about to get picked off either by IRAN, or the apocalyptic death-cult it footed the bill for.

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