Longer piece coming in a few, but to keep you satiated while patiently waiting, here’s the latest Franken-Franchise and Franken-Narrative news, beamed straight from the lab of the mad scientists:

AN EXPERIMENT IN DURATION: IN COLD BLOOD: Truman Capote’s true-crime epic which is already 2 movies in (Richard Brooks 1966 film and a 1996 TV mini-series starring Eric Roberts and Anthony Edwards), plus 2 Truman Capote biopics primarily focused on his writing of the masterpiece (2005’s Capote and 2006’S Infamous), is getting the long-form TV epic treatment from The Weinstein Brothers. Does anyone really need this STORY TOLD AGAIN?

A CASE OF REBOOT FEVER: THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, the underperforming 2013 film adaptation (which reeked of several countries coming together “Human Centipede” style in search of tax breaks) of Cassandra Clare’s YA Franchise, is getting the scorched earth treatment (re: the movie NEVER happened) and coming to TV screens (or mobile phones, or whatever cordless choice you prefer), in a reboot directed by none other than…McG, a sure sign that at the very least, the pilot will be in-focus and mediocre.

And two beloved franchises will also be coming to TV, not in reboot fashion, but reinvigorated as DURATIONAL challenges, because we don’t have a FORM and CONTENT crisis at all: SCREAM and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2.

Things starting to feel familiar yet?

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