PUBLISHING COLLAPSE: AMAZON isn’t done with PUBLISHERS…with a slight detour into autobiography…

So this piece is a bit of a PERSONAL ONE.

My debut novel “Weaponized” was ensnared in the AMAZON/HACHETTE DEBACLE (you can read the link — but in short, the dispute was over who had the right to set E-BOOK PRICES. And yes, PUBLISHERS do set them way too HIGH, but that’s a whole other story). The war between AMAZON/HACHETTE dragged on for months, and unfortunately coincided with the PAPERBACK RELEASE of my novel, and yes…the elongated battle DID HURT SALES (no AMAZON discount, extreme delays in SHIPPING). In fact, I’d argue myself and many other “mid-list authors” and debut authors, got our SALES TRACK’s chopped and screwed, while both sides fiddled.

But even though the WAR is ostensibly over, Amazon isn’t giving up, and —

This piece by Steve Kayser in Publisher’s Weekly says it all, better than I could, and I urge anyone in the book business, or curious about entering to read it.

PUBLISHERS have been trying to break AMAZON’S death-hold on the e-book business however they can. The publishing cabal got slapped down in an anti-trust suit with Apple; the indictment is actually damning if you read it. Then they crucified AMAZON in the PR wars by getting every best-selling author and most media outlets to paint AMAZON as a DIRECT THREAT TO ARTISTS.

In my opinion, both PUBLISHERS and AMAZON, are BUSINESSES, but only one of them purports to be representing the BEST INTERESTS OF ARTISTS…You decide…

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