An article in last week’s INDIEWIRE posed a provocative question:

What if MARVEL is in the business of producing ANTICIPATION and not MOVIES?

The piece (and I’m paraphrasing a bit) draws the following conclusion: There’s never a NEW MOVIE; there’s just the NEXT MOVIE. You’re not watching the new AVENGERS (for example); you’re watching an elongated CATALOG of MARVEL’S 2016-17 SLATE, in the deceptive guise of a narrative film. Every new entry into filmic SHARED UNIVERSES exists as a FRANKEN-SUTURED husk of winking cameos, Easter Egg’s, cross-platform in joke’s, and end-credit stingers.

There’s no PRESENT HERE. Just what’s NEXT…

This is likely why — as i mentioned in last week’s article — MOVIE STARS ARE DEAD. There are no STAND-ALONE FILMS (i.e, non-FRANKEN-NARRATIVES) that take place in a PRESENT wholly contained in ONE FILM, and reliant on a star’s charisma to sell. In a FRANKEN-FRANCHISE, if a star or a film doesn’t work, no problem…DO OVER.

And even when A STAND-ALONE FILM escapes from the LAB — we don’t want it: witness Will Smith’s dismal FOCUS. Do you think it’s an accident Big Willie has jumped onto the Suicide Squad and joined TEAM DC over at Warner’s?

So MARVEL (and by proxy: DC, DISNEY, and all the FRANKEN-NARRATIVE scientists and purveyors) don’t make movies for the PRESENT. But interestingly enough, the…

PAST can also be completely re-written and ignored, even at the expense of the FRANCHISE’S CONTINUITY.

JURASSIC WORLD, the fourth film set in the JURASSIC PARK UNIVERSE, actually CONSIDERS ITSELF TO BE a sequel to the FIRST FILM, and will ignore the OTHER TWO SEQUELS. TERMINATOR: GENISYS, the fifth film in the TERMINATOR UNIVERSE, seems to be ignoring the existence of the third and fourth films…

Okay. So no PAST or PRESENT. Surely that must leave a FUTURE —

But no. That will be postponed ENDLESSLY as well, because as the Guardian points out (and I paraphrase a bit):

There’s close to fifty comic/filmic reboots coming in the next 4 years, and the apocalypse will both be invoked and avoided in almost all of them. So the WORLD is constantly THREATENED and SAVED. Then THREATENED and SAVED. Deferred, deferred, deferred…

So there’s no PRESENT, no PAST, and an endlessly postponed FUTURE. So where does that leave us?

KAFKA TIME. We are waiting on the Messiah. And have no fear, he’s going to arrive; JUST A DAY LATE. Ahhh…Kafka. Why do so few find him FUNNY!

Last week we talked about how maybe the PAUSE can save LITERATURE. Well here’s my TERM for what we’re seeing in this chrono evac: THE GREAT ERASER.

I don’t blame FILM for these NARRATIVE MUTATIONS. I don’t believe the MUTATIONS actually begin in ART. I think ART gives a HARD-SHELL to a trend.

So what is this trend:

That TIME has likely completed the MUTATION first diagnosed by GUY DEBORD and JEAN-LUC GODARD: The PHASED OBSOLESCENCE OF PRODUCT has become the only MEASUREMENT LEFT to chart HUMAN NARRATIVE.

Let me be more exact:

When the PRODUCERS of OBJECTS (movies, clothes, electronics, varied, sundry luxury times) dominate CALENDRIC TIME and have gotten us to rethink how we experience DURATION based upon WHEN THEY ROLL OUT THE NEXT GENERATION OF PRODUCTS (way before the LAST GENERATION REACHED NECESSARY TERMINATION) — we have moved from a “state of being; to a state of HAVING.”


All time is NOW A QUESTION OF APPEARANCE. But remember this is the time of KAFKA’S MESSIAH. He’s going to be late. But what is GUARANTEED TO APPEAR:

The APPLE WATCH. The next version of GRAND THEFT AUTO.

The CONTENT is unimportant. The UPGRADE is generally useless. The DATE OF ARRIVAL MATTERS, but once that DATE ARRIVES, the real TIME STARTS —

The countdown for the NEXT GENERATION…

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