I’ve been charting the first reports from TV’S UPFRONT WEEK — where networks preview their upcoming fall schedule for gathered AD BUYERS — and all I can say is:

Apparently, one can attempt to lay out a business plan in a CHRONO PARADOX.

Yesterday, I wrote that creating, owning, and licensing as much NARRATIVE as humanly possible is the future of MEDIA MONEY in order to supplement AD DOLLARS going to VIDEO; however, TV still does need AD MONEY to guarantee its basic survival, so how are they going to try and HOLD ONTO IT:


Related to my dissection of Age of Ultron’s opening weekend vs. the Mayweather/Pacquiano fight ($190 million over 3.5 days, vs. $400 million in a matter of hours): LIVE TV (mostly in the form of SPORTS (NBA PLAYOFFS, THE SUPER-BOWL) but also MUSICALS (NBC’S PETER PAN) or VARIETY SHOWS (NBC’S UPCOMING NEIL PATRICK HARRIS VENTURE), still line network COFFERS and EXCITE ADVERTISERS, even with the threat of piracy from MEERKAT and PERISCOPE. Why?

Because they GENERATE BUZZ, they encourage LIVE-TWEETING. And even if they’re not PIRACY PROOF, particularly in the case of LIVE SPORTING EVENTS, they’re almost DVR-PROOF.

For the foreseeable FUTURE: LIVE ENTERTAINMENT will be how to keep the advertisers excited.

But a quote from LES MOONVES, summed it all up, and it ties into yesterday’s article on NARRATIVE being the NEW MONEY:

“The good news for us is that in every bundle from what exists now to the new ones that will come along, CBS will have to be a major part of every service that wants to succeed,” Moonves said on the call. “And in smaller bundles, we will always get a bigger slice of the pie, and that means higher fees for CBS.”

And what does that translate to COLLAPSERS?:

Even when CABLE PROVIDERS and STREAMING SERVICES start converting everything into A LA CARTE BITS, those who own the most NARRATIVE will win. They will not be able to BE UNBUNDLED. And the SMALLER the BUNDLE the better in some cases. The trick is to produce and own an INHUMAN AMOUNT OF CONTENT.

So in short: To keep the AD REVENUE flowing today: KEEP GOING LIVE.

But to brace for the future: Grind every NARRATIVE DURATIONAL SECOND into BITS, so it can be sold and chopped onto any PLATFORM, and increase the MUTATION, so that…

NARRATIVE has no STRUCTURE (adios ARISTOTLE) outside of what the necessities of CORPORATE SURVIVAL and PLATFORM INTERFACE demand.

But what makes this MUTATION fascinating outside the TECHNOLOGICAL AND FUTURISTIC ASPECT, is the PHILOSOPHICAL MUTATION that it also engenders:

CONTENT PROVIDERS are literally positioning themselves as ARCHIVES. There is no PRESENT ANYMORE. Nothing CREATED is for TODAY’S CONSUMPTION. CONTENT is all being designed and implemented for FUTURE DISTRIBUTION. And what is involved in this FUTURE DISTRIBUTION:

A complete NECROPHILE EXCAVATION of the PAST in the form of REBOOT CULTURE for NAME RECOGNITION: Hell, even the CRAIG T. NELSON classic COACH is coming back

When I started this BLOG I wanted to diagnose the NARRATIVE MUTATION that WE seemed to be ushering in as INTAKERS. What I’ve realized, partially thanks to my good friend and intellectual sparring partner ALAN GLYNN:

Is that even if the MUTATION begins as something ORGANIC, eventually, we will LOSE CONTROL OF IT, but never the ILLUSION that we DO CONTROL IT…

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