Happy Holidays Collapsers!

And to celebrate, there will be no philosophical mind-bending today, just a straight-up movie recommendation:

Michael Mann‘s “Blackhat” came and went this January with ZERO FANFARE. Actually, it came and went with worse than ZERO FANFARE, it was a colossal bomb that earned it’s own write-up in Deadline testifying to just how big a BOMB it turned out to be.

Now Michael Mann has never been for everyone, and that’s before he made his frequently lamented and controversial switch to digital filming, which brought not only a new almost Cubist approach to shooting, but an equally fractured accompanying narrative technique, and “Blackhat” is the apex of the Mann’s decade long digital experiment.

It just came ON-DEMAND (Amazon, iTunes, etc…) on Tuesday, and even if you’re on the fence about Mann, it’s very much worth a look. Why? Because it actually attempts something shocking in this day and age: IT’S REALISTIC (outside of the digital artifice, but that’s Mann for you: realism plus high style).

How is it realistic? The PROTAGONIST, Nicholas Hathaway (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth, JUST GO WITH IT), has actual human needs and feelings. And the ANTAGONIST, has a plan grounded in some degree of logic. In short, this movie COULD HAPPEN. Which is probably what doomed it at the box-office.

Even if you don’t like hacking movies, even if you don’t like crime movies, even if you don’t like Chris Hemsworth, BLACKHAT is one of the few recent movies that deserves to actually be called MODERN. It’s not a mythic hero’s journey narrative dressed up in today’s best CGI. It’s a semi-low-key character piece that feelings shockingly contemporary.

Give it a shot. And if you don’t like it. You can always tell me…

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