Afternoon Collapsers:

So the wife (and you really all should meet her, here’s her Twitter handle: @AlyMennuti) and a few regular visitors to the BLOG, said it would be a good idea for ME to spend less time talking AT my faithful readers and giving them more outside information to follow alongside my opinions/analysis.

The blog is meant to be an amorphous platform. It has one sole purpose: To document the mutations I find fascinating in society. So the platform itself must be open to mutations as well. So here we go (following sage advice) with a little format test experiment…

Know how I’ve been blabbing on about how TELEVISION has three available options: SERIALIZATION, ANTHOLOGY, and EVENT DOCUMENTARIES. Well here’s a few links to further elaborate what I’m getting at:

HBO has been going all in with event DOCUMENTARIES (and in most things TV content wise, HBO is leading the innovation charge) with THE JINX, KURT COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK, and GOING CLEAR. Well NETFLIX (who I’ve written extensively about before) has now decided to get into the DOCUMENTARY GAME as well. Wonder if NETFLIX will follow HBO down the road of basically becoming an alternative NEWS SOURCE as well, considering HBO has JOHN OLIVER, BILL MAHER, and an upcoming daily VICE BROADCAST?

And in further NETFLIX NEWS: I’ve been saying (and I’m not alone) that it could be a severely overestimated stock despite the market’s irrational exuberance for it, because they’re going to run out of subscribers to offset the cost of all this original programming (some of which they don’t even own: HOUSE OF CARDS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK). Well, NETFLIX clearly knows it needs A BIGGER POOL OF SUBSCRIBERS because they’re chasing INTERNATIONAL something FIERCE: They’re talking to China (which brings a whole mess of content censorship and firewall issues, but hey, someone’s got to pay for more NARRATIVE). And they’re also considering a French “House of Cards” with Gerard Depardieu in the Kevin Spacey role.

NBC is doing something fascinating, ambitious (and potentially fatal) with AQUARIUS, the DAVID DUCHOVNY starring detective drama about the hunt for Charles Manson. They’re going to allow NBC.com and the authenticated NBC APP (plus ON DEMAND) to broadcast all 13 episodes an hour after the premiere. So this is a PREMIUM NETWORK adopting the BINGE PLATFORM onto THEIR OWN SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. And it’s well worth watching to see if the experiment is a success.

I spend a lot of time discussing the COLLAPSE via FILM and TELEVISION, but I did a piece on PUBLISHING COLLAPSE too. One thing I noted was SERIALIZATION could be BIG. PUBLISHING has fewer CONTENT ISSUES than FILM and TV, but ironically it has a BIGGER PLATFORM ISSUE. Well after my post on SERIALIZATION and what I called “THE PAUSE” where content is granulated and chopped in BITS, I was told by MANY IN THE INDUSTRY (nameless), that PUBLISHING would never go A LA CARTE (for lack of a better term). Well, JOHN SCALZI just got #3.4 million from TOR for 13 books over 10 years, and what’s a big part of the deal: His proven success in ONLINE SERIALIZATION OF HIS CONTENT.

In a prior post/thought experiment, I discussed how NARRATIVE OWNERSHIP is the NEW MONEY. Whoever owns the most content wins. EVERY CONCEIVABLE CHANNEL is pumping out reams of internal product. And as proof that I wasn’t exaggerating when I said every channel: The True-Crime channel “Investigation Discovery” is even creating scripted content…

There’s a fascinating, must-listen interview between VC MOGUL MARC ANDREESSEN and mega-producer BRIAN GRAZER about the COLLAPSE, and in particular, how TELEVISION is where it’s at, because it’s WHERE THE AUDIENCE (therefore THE MONEY) IS…

And continuing with…WHOEVER OWNS THE MOST CONTENT WINS. Mergers are RAMPANT these days. CONSOLIDATION is usually what happens when low hanging fruit can be plucked (The low hanging fruit being: CONTENT CREATORS. And the giant mouth eating it is: PLATFORMS) And yesterday had two mergers of note: CHARTER AND TIME WARNER (today it’s on the HILL) and VOX absorbed RE/CODE, which makes sense for no content reason, except that VOX already owns THE VERGE so why leave another competing TECH WEBSITE out there…

And as a final sign off. Apparently LUXURY SHOPPING HAS COLLAPSED TOO

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